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Feel the beauty of the industry from our robot

The Navigator series is the representative of high performance and high reliability products. Adopting industrial product design concept, it is……

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Implement application,

defying obstacles

The Navigator C2 is the with two inflatable rubber driving wheels and two inflatable rubber differential wheels, equipped with a powerful drive system……

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The global high cost-effective

lithium tape extrusion equipment

IN 2001, Hangfa designed and manufactured the first domestic lithium belt press which has gone through four generations of products……

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Two decades of experience in manufacturing hydraulic machines,

help you create value

From 1992 onwards, Hangfa engineers began to focus on the design and manufacture of hydraulic ……

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We make it good, you make it famous

QL series omni wheel is 90-degree precise light load omni wheel . there are 2 ball bearings in every driven wheel……

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